Why do you need to know about Native Advertising formats?

Today, mobiles are practically a necessity in daily life. Marketers realise the benefits of mobile advertising to help keep the campaigns relevant to the target audience. For a few years, it seemed that “Mobile DSP” had become something of good news for many in the Internet marketing community. Mobile DSPs planned to the many challenges of mobile advertising, including targeting. It helps advertisers control and optimise their campaigns, and drive the best ad placement value through programmatic.

Thousands of affiliate marketers, mobile developers, and online companies are already using Bidsopt to drive traffic, run ads on audiences that are like your existing remarketing audiences. Our Mobile Demand-side platform can intensely increase your sales without needing to modify your budget. You can get control and manage your campaigns easily with our demand-side platform for advertisers! Bidsopt is offering CPM, CPC, CPA and CPI solutions for programmatic advertising.

Today it is possible to generate the right traffic with display ads using mobile DSPs. Marketers can hit mobile audiences with relevant and interactive ads in various formats. Mobile ad types include banner, native, video, interstitial, rich media, text and more, giving a lot of choices to advertisers and app publishers.

Ways to generate more mobile traffic from your campaigns

There are several ways to increase traffic on mobile.

1. Target your ads

Mobile DSP has many targeting methods to help you reach specific groups of people. For example, you can use information such as location, age, gender and interests to show your ads to the right people where online advertisers can use the process to target the most interested audiences with certain traits, based on the product or person the advertiser is promoting.

  • Ad Targeting: Choose the right audience
  • You can create specific ads for current and new customers based on them
  • Location: Target customers in specific countries and cities
  • Age & Gender: Select the age range and gender of the people who will find your ad relevant.
  • Interests: Reach audiences based on their listed interests.
2. Increase campaign budget and your bid

Increasing the campaign budget is one of the most straightforward ways to achieve more traffic.

  • Increasing the budget will raise the number of impressions that your ads have, which expands the opportunity to get more clicks and traffic.
  • Mobile DSP shows your ads as fast as possible until your budget reach. If the budget is reached initial in the day, then your ads won’t be shown for the rest of the day. Again, this means missed opportunities for clicks and traffic.
  • If you’re considering increasing bids to drive more traffic, make sure your campaign is not reaching its budget. If it is, then you must increase the total daily budget as well.
3. Enlarge the location where your ads are shown

A campaign’s location settings control the location of people who can see your ads in their search results. Rising the target geographic area will raise the scope of the audience that your ads can target therefore increase the number of times your ads can show, so the clicks and traffic achieved.

Location is directing supports you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and confidently helps you increase your profits as a result. You choose the region where your customers live and where your business can serve them. Location Targeting also helps you reject locations to avoid areas that aren’t profitable.

4. Extend the Ad schedule

Ads only run throughout the period quantified in the ad plan settings. If your ads aren’t scheduled to run, then you won’t be able to achieve any traffic during those periods. Check your settings to ensure that your ads are running on the days that make sense for your business. You can set which days of the week you want to run your ads and start times for each day.

5. Measure and optimise

A successful mobile ad campaign requires a lot of work. The purpose of optimisation is to find shares of inventory that provide a positive return-on-investment for your campaigns. With Exact Drive you can optimise to a Cost per Click or Cost per Acquisition. Optimization requires changes at every step and these changes help advertisers save money by reducing unused, ineffective impressions and ensuring that the right message delivered to the right customers. There can be different guidelines and factors on which optimisation can do. That are clicks, traffic, and conversion

  • Optimise for impression bidding is great for increasing mobile traffic since it optimises your ad for clicks, impressions, and traffic and your ads will show to people most likely to engage with the content.

A good way to increase traffic is to develop good ads to attract more clicks.