Build Mobile Advertisement

Fully Licensed Product With Source Code.

Overview of DSP

Bidsopt is a leading Mobile DSP and Exchange platform connecting advertisers and publishers in real time. We process billions of ad request in every month. Now we are offering same world-class software solutions to potential agencies, ad networks and affiliates.


The solution for Digital Media Buyers to Buy Media Inventory from connected SSPs and Exchanges.


Fully White Labelled product with source code and Install on your server environment with full privacy and control.


Highly scalable enterprise grade DSP and Exchange software with advanced features



Bidsopt has over four years of experience in developing and managing ad tech infrastructure with cutting-edge technology and scalability.


Our product is loaded with industry leading features so that you don’t have to worry about any missing features. We also provide relevant updates to the product so that you never miss the race.


Lifetime license to own the product with complete control and privacy of your infrastructure. Access to complete source code.

Ad Types

  • Banner
  • JS Tag
  • Iframe Tag
  • HTML Tag
  • Native Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Native Video
  • Pop Under/Pop Ups


  • Country and City
  • Carrier/Wi-fi and IP
  • OS, Device and Browser
  • Category Targeting
  • Age and Gender
  • Audience Targeting
  • Site ID Targeting

Main Features

  • Fraud Logix Integration
  • Optional PayPal Integration
  • Client Side logins
  • CPM/CPC Bidding
  • Day Parting
  • Frequency Cap
  • Powerful Reports
  • Bid Booster
  • Admin Control

AD Exchange Features

Our Ad Exchange Platform can be used to route the traffic from connected SSPs to connected DSPs.

Easy Integration

Integrate your demand partners in minutes with our simple UI.

Multiple Ad Format

We support industry leading ad formats and sizes.


You can control QPS and apply multiple filters to send traffic.


Our ad exchange platform is easily scalable to handle high QPS.

What is in the Box?

Just focus on your business, we will take care of entire product portfolio with complete control and privacy



Fully White-Labelled DSP and Exchange Platform


Free Deployment

We will deploy the product in your server environment


45+SSP Adaptor

Our DSP comes with 45+ SSP Adaptor


Free Support

We give 1 year priority support to our customers


Free Upgrade

One year free upgrade on product features


Custom Development

Looking for any special features, we are here to help you

Deployment Options

We work a variety of deployment possibilities to suits your needs.

Self Hosted Deployment

We will give the documentation and you can manage the entire infrastructure.

Managed Service

We take on everything :
–Consulting on and provisioning hardware
–Setting everything up and keeping it up-to-date

SaaS Model

We take care of entire infrastructure. Pay a monthly fee for the white-label features and media you buy from us.