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White Label RTB


Expert in white-label ready Demand Side Platform

Bidsopt White Label Advertising platform is a powerful solution to run your own branded DSP and Ad Exchange Business. Create your own branded environment by adding your logo and URL to and start using the White Label RTB advertising platform within weeks.

White-Label DSP

  • Our DSP solution is made for agencies, brands and in-house media buying teams to manage their programmatic and direct buying actives across the spectrum of programmatic and direct placements

Reasons why you should choose Bidsopt white-label solutions

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    Single User Interface Platform

    Control your demand, supply and trading in a single interface. Separate login interface for your advertisers, publishers, administrators and adops team.

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    Extensive Analytics and Reporting

    We have extensive reporting and analytics option to understand the performance of your platform and campaigns. We also enable you to download and process the first-party data to make better decisions.

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    Advanced trading settings

    Configure advanced rules and filter for your media trading activities. Control every aspect of your campaigns bidding and how the publisher placements are sold

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    Variety of  Ad Formats

    Maximize the value of digital trading by choosing the ad format that benefits your audience. We support banner, video, native, rich media and pop ad formats and a wide variety of integration options.

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    Easy Campaign Management

    We provide a simple and intuitive interface to create and manage your campaigns and assets.

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    A fast and efficient SaaS Model

    Adopt a platform-led approach, to drive automation and reduce costs, by consuming services in an as-a-service model.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • All-in-one RTB Bidder

    Connect your demand and supply in a variety of methods such as open RTB, XML, Js/Html tag, API, Direct Link etc.

  • Publisher Management

    Give a self service interface to your direct publishers and connect with them with direct and arbitraged demand sources.

  • Acess to Bidsopt Marketplace

    Bidsopt marketplace is connected with 30+ SSPs and 100s of Direct Publishers. All the whitelabel partner will have the access to our marketplace supply.

  • All round ad ops support

    We give round the clock ad ops support to all our client irrespective of your budget or spend

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Become a DSP in 3 simple steps

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    Scheule a Demo with us

    Just get in touch with us and schedule a demo. We will walk through all the platform features and capabilities

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    Sign our Contract

    Once you are happy with our service offerings. Sign our contract and lets get started

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    Setup the URL and Assets

    Send us your logo and set up your domain URL as per the instructions. Rest is taken care of. The platform is ready in few days


We are a programmatic expert

Our experienced team has been creating real-time bidding technologies since 2014 to power Bidsopt DSP. We help companies to power their programmatic media buying efforts. Our simple and straight forward approach helps you to reduce your go-to-market time significantly. We also help companies to develop custom solutions with on-site deployment.


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We works with all leading exchanges
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