What is Rich Media Ads? Why is it important in advertising?

Rich media mobile advertising units have more value than conventional banners. Customer engagement with Rich media ads can always control regardless of exposure or interaction. Publishers can profit from Rich media ads by using it to keep visitors on the site and obviating redirection to landing pages for ad interaction purposes. Because of the user-friendly and gripping ad impressions, it brings for visitors; it can support publishers gain awareness into user behavior.

Rich media mobile ads have positive returns over conventional display advertising regarding both the development and the restructuring of the user experience. Buyers select rich media ads since they make exciting user experience and convey information to the user more successfully.

Types of Rich Media Ads:

Rich media is online advertising for an ad that contains innovative features like video, audio and interactivity elements that encourage viewers to cooperate and engage with the content. Rich media ads are a multimedia banner. Online video is an extremely engaging rich media format, and it is one of the greatest ways to get more out of a traditional retargeting campaign. Video ads can serve with traditional banners allowing for seamless incorporation into a retargeting campaign.

Let’s see the different Rich media formats that we can have in mobile:

Rich media formats are innovative to users, and therefore they will be more extraordinary and help to avoid banner blindness during campaigns. Such outstanding ads will help brand recall and gratitude and could very well impact the viewer’s purchasing choice.

1. Instream Ads

There are three types of in-stream ads:

Pre-roll ads:

These ads published before the video content.

Mid-roll ads:

It played in the middle of the content. A single piece of video may content several mid-roll video ads. Mid-roll ads have the highest completion rates because the viewer is already engaged with the content and is more likely to sit through the ad to finish consuming the requested video.

Post-roll ads:

It visible at the end of the desired video content.

2. In-page Ads

In-Page Rich Media ads authorisation for dynamic ad content confined within the dimensions of a usual ad unit. Probabilities include add-ons in the form of videos, games, or even more composite flash animation.

3. Out-off page Ads

These ads are pop-up and Expandable Ads. The pop-up advertisement created by JavaScript that uses cross-site scripting, occasionally with a secondary payload that uses Adobe Flash

The features benefits of rich media mobile advertisements:
  • It makes ads attractive and attention-grabbing, resulting in high click rates, conversions, and engagements.
  • It is having more value than conventional banners.
  • Ads with rich media incorporated typically receive higher engagement rates.
  • Traditional banner ads have never seen much engagement, yet they comprise most mobile ads. It can improve higher revenue.
  • It’s the best format for advertisers with ambitious areas and wants to drive good levels of brand awareness.
  • Rich media ads can capture registrations, map-specific location data and drive social share.
  • The interactivity and high value of these rich media ads help to increase ad engagement, CTRs and useful for those publishers promoting CPC campaigns.
Here are top reasons why we use rich media ads:
A. Improved tracking:

Using rich media ads, you can view other computable statistics about your consumers. For example, with video ads, you can see how many people watched a video, or the percentage of videos viewed.

B. High communication rate:

Rich media ads have functions like video, measure and other engaging features, potential customers can network with the ads. This engagement could provide raise in brand awareness and message association.

C. Additional calls to action:

The rich media ads, instead of only being able to link to one landing page, you can have different zones to link to your social media outlets, contact form, and landing page.