What is Deal id in programmatic advertising?

Deal ID means for the deal identifier. It is an important part of programmatic advertising buying because it is used to match buyers and sellers exclusively. It enables buyers to identify inventory meeting specific requirements easily. Deal IDs are also the technical device that enables private marketplaces and preferred deals. Programmatic advertising delivers four things to the market, i.e. efficiency, control, automation, and precision targeting. Deal identifier and the private marketplace are simply delivering the next level of efficiency, control and targeting for buyers and the advertisers. Publishers on their exchange can effortlessly package inventory through a Deal ID and make it available to buyers.

How Private marketplaces and Deal id related to each other?

Private Marketplace is additional on the path of inventory with the bid, letting a limited number of brands and advertisers enter the market competing for the inventory. It suggestions publishers more controls about the kinds of advertisers and DSPs that get to see its inventory and bid for it.

While Deal ID is a unique number for each of the deal completed between Advertiser, brand, agency, and publishers, it’s attached to the ad impression request. This Deal ID connects SSPs and DSPs through a “unique identifier” that lays out concrete it could be used not only in private marketplace, also could be in rtb.

Steps to set up a Deal id:

Once the deal is done, the publisher has created the Deal ID via its SSP. The publisher automatically passes it along to the buyer and media agency. The buyer will insert the number into their DSP. It’s possible for one impression to have several Deal IDs attached to it so that it can run in various private marketplaces. Those private marketplaces will evaluate against each other, provided all their tech partners permit this kind of setup.

The SSP uses the Deal ID to call to DSPs. The SSP needs to make this step, so it’s possible there’s some characteristic in the impression that would make the DSP want to pass on it unless it reminded its part of a previously negotiated deal.

The Benefits of Deal ID on advertising?
  • Deal id is very flexible for buyer and seller. It can grant access to unique placements, or data that a publisher makes available only through its private exchange. It can grant access only to specific brands.
  • Deal id will allow bidding for the minimum price of the advertiser. Deal ID gives the flexibility to run almost unrestrained campaigns with different goals inside a publisher’s private exchange. Every campaign can perform with the specific requirements connected with its deal. The buyer won’t need to pay one flat price.
  • The sources of deal id are the value and get more access to data, higher engagement and better, more creative campaigns. These are you can’t get when buying purely in the open market.
  • For the seller, Deal ID bids specificity and transparency not seen before in RTB, sellers see what the buyer wants, and they can tailor future deals with this intelligence. The sell-side benefits from the increased consideration gained by having more options to work with when speaking to buyers.
  • Deal ID provides an extra level of control that private marketplaces don’t. Private marketplaces go as far as setting up block lists of unwelcome advertisers, and in the deal, id publisher can automatically cancel their default ad