Top 5 Trends for Mobile Advertising in 2016

As the year comes to a close, here are five top trends in mobile advertising for 2016

1) Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most emerging and powerful engagement tools. Advertisers are looking for new ways to leverage it to boost results and gain an advantage over the competitors. While both publishers and advertisers can use the modern ad formats on a mobile platform, they can still grab the attention on a small screen by serving compelling video content to the target audience. Specific users at specific locations can be targeted at their appropriate and convenient time, which is the unique specialty of the Mobile Media.

The actual and potential Global Ad Spends statistics to justify the hype created by it over the years. Nevertheless, to mention, with its emotive and interactive style, it has surely reached audience of all ages across the globe and has been successful in its high-engaging experiences

2)Programmatic Buying

Real-time Bidding (RTB) is a significant milestone in the Digital Advertising industry. It is a form of automated and programmatic buying of Ad inventory. The transition from managed traffic to RTB is a remarkable and essential shift in the industry. This dynamic interface helps advertisers to gather data at a very high frequency and achieve efficient scales in multi-folds.

RTB plays a vital role in helping the advertisers in this digital marketing space using a blend of machine-learning technologies and programmatic advertising, automated decision-making process targets specific audiences and demographics leads to high-quality leads for advertisers and thereby increases the ROI.

3) In-app Promotion

In-app promotion is one of the great ways to advertise your products and services. Every day millions of apps are getting developed and it’s not easy to target right users unless there is more focus on how deep-linking is performed in the apps.

So, why is it important to focus more on the performance of the Apps? Many users use apps in mobile to find solutions for their requirements. It is convenient, easy and fast to get the things done from the comfort of their homes. There are millions of Apps in the market which are being used round the clock. Advertisers and marketing agencies make use of this positioning advantage and do in-app promotion to target the right users.

4) Native Ads

Do you end up with an appealing Ad experience following your natural online activity? Welcome to the trending Native Mobile Ads!!!

Native Advertising provides the best solution for mobile monetization, with a large screen and high-resolution mobile displays ads and supports the world’s biggest publishers with tangible results. Native ads are replacing the traditional display ads they emulate the look and feel of a publisher site or app. Native ads are most accepted by users because they help make people aware of a product or service without explicitly promoting them.

The Native Ad feature in Bidsopt DSP is the industry’s leading scalable solution for advertisers. This feature in addition to the standard Banner Ads will allow Bidsopt’s affiliated advertisers to take advantage of native inventory across various exchanges.

5) Re-targeting

Re-targeting, also known as behavioral re-marketing follows the preference of the customers and targets the audience who are already familiar with the brand or similar product. This simple cookie-based technology follows the users who have not yet been converted. This technique has proved to be a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool and needs to be part of one digital strategy to enhance the returns.