Maximize your earning potential

Unlock the true value of your inventory

Supply Side Platforms

A supply-side platform is a technology platform which enable web publishers to manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue. We’ve created a powerful SSP connected to the world’s leading demand sources and a broad range of selling options that help secure the maximum value for every impression.


Highlights for publishers to join Bidsopt SSP

  • Fully Independent Publisher platform and ad serving infrastructure. No extra cost or fees for 3rd party ad server.

  • Real-time bidding platform smartly combines programmatic and direct demand within a global auction. The publisher gets the highest bid.

  • Cross-screen monetization. Variety of channels: Banner, Native, Rich Media and Video Ads

  • Understand, track and fully monetize your audience with our extensive DMP integrations

  • We provide the tools needed to get detailed reporting and analytics to secure maximum value for your inventory.

  • Powerful Advertiser and Content Controls to choose who bids on your inventory

Earn the best possible price for each impression

The Bidsopt SSP is connected with worlds leading demand side platforms to yield better rate for your inventory. We also have direct demand from different brands and agencies worldwide.

Drive revenue with header bidding

Drive incremental revenue and access new sources of demand by using header bidding in conjunction with the Bidsopt SSP. Header bidding provides efficient access to demand on the Bidsopt platform while increasing bid density in your primary adserver.

Maximum your Revenue. Engage your Users.

24/7 supports & real-time results

Our reporting dashboard delivers a quick read of your top-line results. Dig deeper into our powerful, in-depth analytics to improve your earning potential . Plus, we offer end-to-end support 24/7.

Available Ad Formats

  • Video

    Gain Bidsopt top expertise for Pre-Roll and In-Page ad units.

  • Display

    Expand the reach and effectiveness of your display campaigns through Bidsopt display Marketplace.

  • Native

    Integrate Bidsopt native video and display ad units to expand your revenue model.

  • Rich Media Ads

    Increase your CPMs through our rewarded video and rich media ad units.