Mobile native advertising movements in 2018

Right now, it looks like native mobile advertising is taking the lead. The focus will shift to a mobile-first perspective. What’s even more interesting is that 80% of income comes from mobile ads. It expected that the revenue from mobile would continue to grow. Native advertising is fast becoming one of the most efficient, and profitable, forms of digital advertising as they can integrate without interfering with the app or web page experience.

Bidsopt is a Mobile Advertising platform for Banner, Native, Rich Media and Video campaigns. The leading global real-time advertising platform for advertisers & publishers, found in the year 2014 and offices in Singapore and India. These movements are useful for the brand, simply see higher native ads which are longer effective.  If you’re not using native advertising in your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on three key movements this marketing communication.

1. Native advertising captures additional attention

Consumers are 80% more likely to engage with a native ad when compared to a traditional banner advertisement. Even more impressive is the fact that 60% of native ad engagement is positive, which helps to build credibility and great brand experience. Native ads have a much-advanced click-through rate than traditional ads.

2. Higher conversion rates

If you’re looking to integrate native advertising into your app to provide a better experience to your potential customers, this is a perfect time. Mobile DSP platform is growing fast, and Native advertisements capture more attention than traditional advertisements; we have higher conversion rates. This attention then builds relevance and a positive association with the brand for the consumer.

3. Exceptional engagement

An effective native ad unit should include a good-looking graphic. Videos are getting more popular. They must be short and catchy to keep the user’s interest.

It is a subset of content marketing, and the concept behind it involves brands and publishers working closely together to create paid media that fit natively into the publisher’s site or publication regarding form, function, and appearance. Because native advertising feels less intrusive, site visitors and readers are more likely to engage with it. The most effective B2B native advertising delivers a high-quality, relevant message in a contextually targeted environment.