Third Party Impression Trackers

Third Party Impression Trackers

Thirtparty trackers :

You can use different third party impression trackers in Bidsopt DSP. Examples of third party trackers are Moat, Fraudlogix & DCM Trackers etc.

Below is the sample Moat Tracker:

<noscript class="MOAT-maxusdeloittesizmek766979611111?moatClientLevel1=611111&amp;moatClientLevel2=37833&amp;moatClientLevel3=18711111&amp;moatClientLevel4=1x1_Site_Served_Unit&amp;moatClientSlicer1=-&amp;moatClientSlicer2=-"></noscript><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Sometimes thirdparty trackers are given as URL format

Tracker url : 

To use above URL in Bidsopt DSP, w e need to convert the url to a IMG tag

 <img src='' style='width:1px;height:1px'>

You can combine multiple trackers one after another based on the requirement.