Integrated Exchanges

Integrated Exchanges

Bidsopt DSP is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that plugs into ad exchanges/Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) (e.g. MoPub, Rubicon, Pubmatic) and makes their publisher inventory available to advertisers through a transparent and manageable interface. Each time an impression becomes available on one of the exchanges, it is available to users of Bidsopt DSP via an auction/bidding model. When an impression becomes available, advertisers on Bidospt DSP bid on that impression. Basis DSP sends the winning bid to the exchange, where the winning advertiser bids against other DSPs on that exchange. If that advertiser has the highest bid, the impression will be delivered.

Bidsopt DSP is connected to all major inventory sources, and we are creating new and exciting exchange partnerships all the time.

To view the sum of our current exchange integrations, click the Supply tab after logging into Bidsopt DSP. By selecting the Exchanges menu, you will see an up-to-date list of the exchanges available.

List of Exchanges Integrated with Bidsopt DSP

Below is the list of Exchanges available