Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking

We can track the conversion and post back the same conversion to publishers. Please note this option is not available for self-service advertisers. For more information please contact your account manager.

Step 1: Create an ad client and add the client post back URL 


aff_sub1 is the macro used by Bidsopt to pass the value of publisher click id 

Step 2: Let the advertiser setup our postback or conversion pixel in their system 

Postback Method


click_id is the placeholder name used by Bidsopt to represent click id ( transaction id) 

aff_sub1 is the placeholder used by Bidsopt to pass the value of publisher click id 

The advertiser need to replace the value of click_id and aff_sub1 from the click generated by Bidsopt 

Please visit the postback integration documents for more information

Conversion Pixel Method

If the advertiser uses our conversion pixel, they just need to follow the step outlined in the conversion pixel documents.

Step 3: Create a campaign in Bidsopt dashboard and target specific publishers


bo_ck is Bidsopt macro to pass the click id (transaction id) 

bo_aff_sub1 – this macro will replace the value of publisher click id 

Step 4: 

Generate a click URL from the dashboard


Add our additional macros to pass the conversion postback to the publisher as below{insertyourclickid}

Step 5:

Ask Publisher to test at his end or get a test link from them to test at our end.

Step 6:

Check click log and conversion log, if the aff_sub1 column stores publishers click id and matches.