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Difference between DSP and SSP

DSP(Demand Side Platform)

Basically DSP manages  the ad exchange and data exchange accounts by allowing the buyers to buy the inventory through the same platform based on Display,video, mobile and search ads.

The Real-Time Bidding takes place within the DSP platform to access multiple inventory sources. Advertisers are directed to the DSP’s. The platform enables the buyers to access to more publishers  available in the platform and then choose particular publisher if required to give the best result.

Earlier in the market the ads were bought by the client and was sold by human ad buyers and salesperson which was not reliable ,time consuming and also costly. Later DSP came to the market and made the process cheaper, more reliable and also the process was made automated which includes the less human interaction. During the process of bidding there would not be any negotiation of ad rates as it has become automated.

Also the DSP allows the users to optimize based on the KPI(Key Performance Indicator) such as effective cost per click (eCPC) and effective cost per acquisition(eCPA)

DSP enables advertisers by providing a wide range of access to inventory , vertical and lateral targeting to provide the unique results based on their requirement and also helps in optimizing. Better tracking can be provided by integrating with other third parties .

In addition , DSP have started to use advanced price reduction algorithms, known as bid shading to help advertisers to bid for a lower CPM in the first auction.It majorly helps in retargeting as it provides large volume of inventory .

Ad exchange helps in which Ad impressions can be delivered to the buyers from the publishers.Publishers make their impressions available called ad exchanges and DSPs automatically helps in deciding which of those impressions would be helpful for the advertiser to buy.Real-time auction helps is  deciding the price of each impression, known as Real time bidding. Which helps in getting the impressions with the highest bidder.

Benefinites of DSP:

• Real time bidding                                               

• Costing

• Advanced targeting

• Key Features

• Transparent Data Analysis

SSP(Supply Side Platform)

The publisher’s equivalent of a  DSP is Supply Side Platform.SSP are designed for publishers.It enables web publishers and media owners to manage their space inventory, sell it with ads and generate revenue . Many big web publishers in the market use SSP to automate and optimize in selling their own online media space.

Important role of SSP in the online media is by hosting their advertising and transaction for the advertising, docking with online trading platform 

Online media advertising space will get the highest effective display cost, and will not face any problem of an empty field with the help of SSP platform.

This helps advertisers to put their online advertising for a selected target audience. Publisher impressions are sent to ad exchanges via SSP, where marketers bid and buy them depending on target audience via DSP. 

Benefits of SSP’s:

• Intelligent delivery

• Controlling big data information

• Technically controlled

• Generating high revenue

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