Gavel, judge hammer. Close up of wooden hammer with gold details. Concepts of law and auction.
Programmatic Advertising Technology

Microbidding in RTB

With Digital media taking over it’s presence in the field of advertising, almost all the advertisers are fighting not just to create an awareness of their brand but also working tirelessly to get the right kind...

Advertising Technology

Behavioural​ Targeting

Behavioral targeting is used for increasing the effectiveness of the campaign. It is mainly used by online advertisers and publishers. Things like cookies, caches and search data are a prominent part of this me...

data security concept: computer, tablet, phone bound by metal chain and closed with combination lock on wooden table

What is Device Fingerprinting​ ?

Device fingerprinting is a technique to tackle the fraudulent activities done on mobile or computer devices or on that matter any device connected to an internet connection.It plays a great role in detecting fr...