Programmatic Advertising

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Programmatic Advertising Technology

Microbidding in RTB

With Digital media taking over it’s presence in the field of advertising, almost all the advertisers are fighting not just to create an awareness of their brand but also working tirelessly to get the right kind...

Programmatic Advertising

What is PMP?

PMP deal stands for “Private marketplace” deal. It is usually a deal made for direct buying of programmatic inventory between a publisher and an advertiser or agency. PMPs are also referred to as “Preferred Dea...

Programmatic Advertising

Difference between DSP and SSP

DSP(Demand Side Platform) Basically DSP manages  the ad exchange and data exchange accounts by allowing the buyers to buy the inventory through the same platform based on Display,video, mobile and searc...

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Programmatic Advertising

Two Incipient Tech in the programmatic supply chain build more transparency and Trust

On April 11, 2019, The IAB Technology Laboratory has implemented two fresh technical requirements for public comment directed at enhancing confidence in the digital advertising supply chain, particularly on the...