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Video advertising landscape for 2020 – 2023

Why Video over Display unit A video conveys more information in a short time thus video content is more engaging compared to the text. This format plays a vital role in sharing information and educating the ...


Types of Data in Digital Marketing

Data is very important for all the marketing activities today in Digital world. The kind of data used depends on the objectives of the campaign and the end goal of the marketer. There are 3 kinds of data 1st Pa...

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Mobile Marketing in China

Digital marketing in China continues to have tremendous growth which is focused mainly on Mobile. Approximately, 81% of advertisers seem to increase their spend on mobile whereas only 11% will increase their ma...

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Programmatic Advertising

Two Incipient Tech in the programmatic supply chain build more transparency and Trust

On April 11, 2019, The IAB Technology Laboratory has implemented two fresh technical requirements for public comment directed at enhancing confidence in the digital advertising supply chain, particularly on the...

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Blended In-Game Advertising aka “Advergaming”

Let me put this straight for starters, the conventional In-App or Game advertising has an ad slot of different sizes in which ad banner would be shown. Mostly these ad slots would be static and in a blind spot ...

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Best Practices for Retargeting

There are lots of people doing shopping over online, most them are window-shoppers. We need to convert the window-shoppers to buyers.  Retargeting helps to turn the window-shoppers to potential buyers. ...

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Evolution in Digital Advertising

Affiliates gained traction during Ad-network business slow down, when there was a strong need to promote App Installs, thus becoming an important element of Digital Industry. Affiliates connect Advertisers a...

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Bidsopt is attending Dmexco 2019

Bidsopt team is heading to Dmexco. Let’s talk about our innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers. Book a meeting with our team members in advance https://calendly.com/manimaran/dmexco


‘Bidsopt’ partners with ‘adsquare’ to expand its platform targeting capabilities

Bidsopt has today announced its partnership with adsquare, to create a comprehensive suite of in-app audience targeting solutions for brand and performance advertisers across the globe. This partnership gives e...


Tips to help choose the best Supply-Side Platform

Supply-side platforms are also called yield optimisation platforms. It is used by digital publishers to manage the sale and execution of their advertising supply and finally, get the maximum prices for their ad...