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Programmatic Advertising Technology

Microbidding in RTB

With Digital media taking over it’s presence in the field of advertising, almost all the advertisers are fighting not just to create an awareness of their brand but also working tirelessly to get the right kind...

Advertising Technology

Behavioural​ Targeting

Behavioral targeting is used for increasing the effectiveness of the campaign. It is mainly used by online advertisers and publishers. Things like cookies, caches and search data are a prominent part of this me...


The Accidental Plagiarism in Marketing

“Plagiarism – stealing, wrongful appropriation and publication of another author’s ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work”. But d...

Programmatic Advertising

What is PMP?

PMP deal stands for “Private marketplace” deal. It is usually a deal made for direct buying of programmatic inventory between a publisher and an advertiser or agency. PMPs are also referred to as “Preferred Dea...

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GDPR – Its impact..!

What is GDPR? GDPR is an iteration of the existing data protection law defined and enforced by the European Union (EU) in effective on May 25, 2018. The core objective is to ensure safeguard of residents pri...

Programmatic Advertising

Difference between DSP and SSP

DSP(Demand Side Platform) Basically DSP manages  the ad exchange and data exchange accounts by allowing the buyers to buy the inventory through the same platform based on Display,video, mobile and searc...

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What is Device Fingerprinting​ ?

Device fingerprinting is a technique to tackle the fraudulent activities done on mobile or computer devices or on that matter any device connected to an internet connection.It plays a great role in detecting fr...

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Ad fraud and the impacts

Basically, ad fraud this the term used to call a methodology which is burning advertiser’s budget without giving any real return’s on the investment and on other hand which will be generating revenu...


Video advertising landscape for 2020 – 2023

Why Video over Display unit A video conveys more information in a short time thus video content is more engaging compared to the text. This format plays a vital role in sharing information and educating the ...


Types of Data in Digital Marketing

Data is very important for all the marketing activities today in Digital world. The kind of data used depends on the objectives of the campaign and the end goal of the marketer. There are 3 kinds of data 1st Pa...