Advertising Technology

Behavioural​ Targeting

Behavioral targeting is used for increasing the effectiveness of the campaign. It is mainly used by online advertisers and publishers. Things like cookies, caches and search data are a prominent part of this methodology.

This method uses the information of the web users in order to strengthen the campaigning of the advertisers’ product or services. It collects the information of the prospect or potential customers browsing history and activity.

Following are the data required for behavioral targeting:

  • Browsers online searching behavior
  • Shopping behavior
  • Terms searched previously
  • Amount of time spent on a particular type of website and its content

This method is useful in targeting people who are genuinely looking for any particular product or service on the web. The entire ecosystem of web searches, frequently visited sites and other information taken from cookies/ caches help the advertiser to target the right customers at the right time. The message of the advertiser can either be in the form of a text message or an image, message or even both. However, it is more effective in getting an advertisement campaign converted to performance.


Increase in user engagement 

A higher number of Ad click-throughs

Improved conversion rates     

Better Ad experience 

Reminders and Alerts on new products

How Does Behavioral Targeting Work?

  • Collection
  • Storage 
  • Organizing data


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